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Quantitative research


  • Face-to-face interviews
    • including CAPI
  • Telephone interviews
    • including CATI
  • Questionnaires filled in by respondents
    • diaries
  • Observations
  • Experiments
  • On-line studies
  • Combined methods
    • diaries + telephone surveys
    • observations + face-to-face interviews

Sample design techniques:

  • Random route sample
  • Quota sample
  • Databases
  • In-street recruitment (including Hall Test)
  • Snow Ball


  • Company’s/brand’s image study
  • Brand’s market positioning
  • Product test
  • Package test
  • Name test
  • Ad concepts’ test
  • Advertising materials’ test
  • Ad campaign efficiency study
  • Consumer habits’ study
  • Purchase decision-making study
  • Customer satisfaction study
  • Consumer profile study
  • Segmentation of customers

Quality control:

  • Control over the field stage, routes and quota tasks completion
  • 10-15% control of each interviewer’s work
  • 100% control of quantitative data massifs by basic parameters
  • Massifs’ plentitude and info logic analysis

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