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Evaluating the effectiveness of RM programs

The results of the Relationship Marketing (RM) evaluation help to improve the communication materials for greater feedback and improved perception of the brand.


Evaluating the effectiveness of RM program on the following parameters:

    - perception of the brand image
    - understanding / relevance of the main messages
    -"health" of the brand
    - models of "switching"
    - "health" of the program
    - database check
    - evaluation of the performance of sales representatives
    - evaluation of the program in terms of response / involvement of participants
    - setting parameters for future programs

Evaluation of communication materials by program participants:

     - first reaction
     - general impression
     - interest
     - memorability of individual elements
     - informative materials
     - basic idea of communication
     - attitude: like / dislike
     - advantages and disadvantages
     - perception of certain elements of materials
     - accordance with brand image
     - recommendations for improving materials
     - attitude to the communication channel


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