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The Russian economy in 2020-21 was significantly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, similarly to many other countries in the world. “Bashkirova and Partners” decided to find out how Russian people perceive the economic situation in the country today.

The opinion of Russians on the question of the general state of affairs in the country was divided: 45.7% of respondents believe that things in Russia are moving in the right direction, while 41.8% are sure that things in the country are developing in the wrong direction.

The overall economic situation is assessed more or less unambiguously: most of the residents perceive the current economic situation as quite bad (37.7%) and very bad (24.8%). Only third of Russians (34.3% ) assess the economic situation as rather good and very good.

More than half of the respondents believe that the Russian economy is currently in a crisis and recession. One fifth of the respondents noted economic stagnation, 15.7% of the respondents are more positive and mentioned recovery and intensive growth.


*The study was conducted as  telephone surveys throughout Russia by random sampling of the population (18+). The overall 1,500 interviews were conducted in 8 federal districts and 155 settlements.

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