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Direct selling method

In February 2021, the independent research company «Bashkirova and Partners» conducted a study that revealed the attitudeс of the population towards the direct selling method. More than 1,300 people took part in the survey throughout Russia.  The results of the survey showed the positive attitudes of more than half of the respondents about the direct selling method.

According to the research, among the primary  advantages of the direct selling method are: low prices and discounts, , delivery to a convenient place, obtaining a sufficient amount of information from a company representative,  convenience of purchase and time savings. Interestingly, those who are not familiar with the direct sales method and do not buy goods from distributors highlight the same positive aspects.




The main disadvantages of the direct selling method are sellers' intrusiveness and the imposition of unnecessary goods (29%). Further, the respondents mentioned such drawbacks as long order waiting time (19%) and distrust towards sellers and quality of goods (13%). It is important to note that some of the respondents do not see any disadvantages at all (11%).


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